Fort Worth Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

The Eric Reyes Law Firm PC is a Texas personal injury law firm which specializes in representing the injured  since 1988 in Fort Worth,  Dallas as well as every major city in the state.  Fort Worth personal injury lawyer Eric Reyes is double board certified. He is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law and Civil Law. Only 3% of all Texas attorneys are double board certified.

"As the founder of this firm, I believe that every client deserves personalized service and aggressive representation regardless of the size of the client's claim. You will never get a bill for my legal services. Instead I receive a percentage of the settlement or the jury verdict.

If you have no insurance to pay for your medical bills I can still help you. I work with a network of doctors who will treat you now and will agree to wait until your case settles before payment of their bills.

Also, I will never settle your claim without your expressed permission. Each client must approve a detailed accounting of the settlement offer before they grant me permission to settle their claim. In other words, the client must know the amount of the attorney fees, bills and what amount of money they will receive in their pocket before they decide to settle.

Please browse this website for information regarding the areas of law that we practice. Please watch my videos where I share important information regarding your rights and the dangerous pitfalls to avoid in your personal injury claim. Also please watch on this web site CNN's award winning documentary "Auto Insurance" hosted by Anderson Cooper. This two part video explains how insurance companies place profit over the welfare of the injured. Remember, I will not collect a fee unless I recover a settlement which you must approve before your settlement.

Call us today for a free consultation and appointment with a Fort Worth personal injury attorney or e-mail us from this web site"


"Based on my personal experience, I recommend Eric Reyes unequivocally. He proved an indefatigable advocate. His hard work resulted in a just and fair settlement. I cannot thank him enough."
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