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testimonials - Shake Hands

"This Office is very professional. I needed help, and their response time along with time of results were both exceeding of my expectations and better than what I have previously experienced. Definitely would recommend. Beatriz was great with keeping me informed."

Celinda Alvarez

"Just closed my case and Beatriz helped out so much, she was often communicating with me and providing information. Totally recommend this firm."

Maricela Castro

"I love how friendly and attentive the folks are here. Very welcoming and helpful! It’s a genuine atmosphere."

Nilda Rubio

"Very pleasant experience from start to finish! They not only were very professional, but very informative through my settlement process. Would definitely recommend!"

T. Garcia

"This was my first experience working with this firm and they did an amazing job closing my case! Beatriz was very professional and courteous! She always kept me posted. She did a fantastic job! Thank you Beatriz for everything!!"

Rosa Buruato

"Great service, highly recommend coming here real professionals at work they helped me close my car accident case really recommend working with Beatriz"

Omar Najera

"Words cannot be enough to explain how thankful I am. I’ve worked with Beatriz multiple times. She has made sure that I’ve been taken care of. Honestly will not recommend anyone else but them."

Samantha Torres

"Beatriz is really nice and professional. Felt like they actually cared. Would definitely recommend them if you're in need of a good lawyer."

Emily Wilkins

"The times I’ve dealt with them it has been nothing but very knowledgeable and friendly staff."

Maria Davila

"Great service! They were very helpful, kind, and helped me close my case. Thank you Beatriz and Eric!"

Selah Rivera

"Beatriz you're such a brilliant lawyer. I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism. I have hired lawyers before, but you're truly the best I have ever worked with.I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Thank you again."

Ken Kiongozi

"Thank you to Beatriz And Mr. Reyes. Courteous, with professional excellent results. Making sure I always get the settlement I deserve."

Andrew Menchaca

"I have been with this firm working with Beatriz for two of my injury claims. When I tell you she is the BEST !!! Very informative, keep you up with details about your case. If you looking for a great law firm to work with go with Reyes law firm you will not be disappointed!!"

Bone Ray

"I am looking for an attorney and I was told that I couldn't be helped but I was given a name of an attorney that might be able to help! She didn't have to do that but thank you!"

LaShawn Conner

"I was severely injured in a motorcycle wreck requiring major surgery and extended care. When I was hurt I could not calm my mind from worry about my injury and care, job, our financial stability, and fears. We contacted Eric Reyes and within hours of speaking with Beatriz my life was calmed. She assured me we would be ok and Eric would take care of the ugliness of the situation and all I needed to do was concentrate on healing. It has been several months now and they were right. I am healing and they have taken care of all the rest with the utmost professionalism and compassion. There are no other law firms with the care and dedication of Eric Reyes and staff."

Janice Popp

"Provided great service! Definitely would recommend. Thanks again for the service you provided."

Mario Lopez

"Eric Reyes represented me in an accident several years ago and witnessing first hand the ethics and dedication of Eric and Beatriz I could not consider any others when we were hit on our motorcycle by a woman texting while driving. Today we are inundated with ads for injury lawyers carrying hammers and zoo animals. I do not know these folks, but I suspect if they were half the firm of Eric Reyes with staff anywhere near as attentive and dedicated as Beatriz they wouldn't need a corny gimmick. Eric, Beatriz and staff, Thank Y'all for how you have helped us thru these ugly times with compassionate, competent, and Professional Service! God Bless Y'all."

Jeff Popp

"I am so glad I brought my case to Eric Reyes Law Firm. I was so scared and overwhelmed after my accident. Beatriz helped me through the long recovery after my injury. She took the time to listen and help me understand the process. I am so thankful to her for taking good care of me! I hope this review helps if you are looking for a lawyer, as there are so many out there to choose from."


"From the moment I made the call to speak with Beatriz of Eric Reyes Law Firm, I knew I made the right call, she took care of my case and helped me throughout my recovery phase to get the right settlement. I recommend them ( Eric Reyes Law Firm) because I know they will take care of you too."

Saheed Akinyemi

"Eric Reyes and Beatriz are absolutely amazing. They went above and beyond to get me the best settlement from my car accident with an 18 wheeler. They were very patient, professional, knowledgeable the whole entire time."

AmirAmir B.

“My sister was killed in a tragic accident. We were referred to the Reyes Law Firm. We couldn’t have been more pleased with this referral. Not only were we given the direction and assistance we needed, but we were treated with sensitivity and caring. Mr. Reyes was highly professional and easy to communicate with, as well as always being aware of our feelings. He made a very difficult situation much more bearable for all of us. We would all highly recommend Mr. Reyes to anyone needing expert legal assistance.”

Jody S. - Hurst, Texas

"Mr Reyes deeply cares about his clients. We were very fortunate to have Mr Reyes as our attorney. The loss of our father in work related accident destroyed our family. Mr. Reyes was able to help us get through this family tragedy with compassion and sensitivity. We did not have to worry about dealing with the insurance company or any of the other demands of a case. The company fought us tooth and nail and even blamed my father for the accident. When they finally offered a fair settlement, Mr. Reyes made sure we understood the offer and answered all of our questions before we agreed to not go to trial. We were very fortunate to have Mr. Reyes as our attorney."

Rodolfo A. - Dallas, Texas

“Mr. Reyes is amazing. It was a great experience seeing him in action at our trial. They left nothing to chance and the proof is definitely in the outcome. The insurance company would not pay any money until the jury returned a very fair money award. The insurance company was not happy when they had to pay. Mr. Reyes, your tenacity will be always be remembered and your support of me and all I went through. A special thanks to your staff who did so much of the ground work !”

Jose M. - Dallas, Texas

"Eric Reyes and the other attorneys of the Reyes Law Firm represented me in my motorcycle accident claim. They were highly professional and effective as my attorneys. As their client, I felt at all times I was being represented in ‘my’ best interest, not the firm’s best interest. By keeping me well informed and returning my phone calls I fully understood each step of the process and came to recognize Eric Reyes and their support staff as skilled and compassionate litigators. Thank you.”

Lonnie D. - Ft. Worth, Texas

"When I first met Mr. Reyes I was in a state of distress following my automobile accident. The insurance company denied the severity of my injuries based purely on the fact that I had minor property damage to my car. Mr. Reyes fought hard to prove that my fibromyalgia was caused from the impact. Because of Mr. Reyes efforts I was able to get a fair settlement and close that chapter of my life. I highly recommend Mr. Reyes for your personal injury claim!"

Kelly M. - Ft. Worth, Texas

“I would highly recommend the Eric Reyes Law Firm. Because of Mr. Reyes favorable aggressive reputation in the court room, I settled my slip and fall case before the trial. I was pleased with the way my case was handled and in the settlement of cash in which I received. Thanks Eric Reyes.”

Sue K. - Ft. Worth, Texas

“Mr. Reyes and his team provided outstanding representation in my case involving a 18 wheeler trucking company. Their compassion, personal concern, dedication, legal expertise and negotiating skills were top notch. I could not be more pleased with the outcome we achieved... I appreciate Mr. Reyes and what he did for me following my accident during the emotional and physical recovery.”

Louis H. - Saginaw, Texas

"Our family believes in the Reyes Law Firm. My attorney, Eric Reyes, not only did he take my malpractice case when nobody else would, but he was always there for me when I needed him. I am so thankful for all his help. The Reyes Law Firm will fight for your rights!”

Samuel S. - Ft. Worth, Texas

“I never dreamt that I would receive such a positive settlement on my suit. The amount I received was a godsend. Mr. Reyes also proved to the insurance that I was in the right. So I thank my attorney... and the staff of the Reyes Law Firm for a job well done. And they can count on me to recommend the Reyes Law Firm to any one else who might need a top notch law firm.”

Marcus A. - Dallas, Texas

“Mr. Reyes was recommended to me by a friend. Because of my injuries I had little time to devote to my case, so I gladly put everything in my attorneys’ hands. I will always appreciate the diligence in their handling of our case. I recommend them highly. They are extremely professional and dedicated to their clients!”

Mark R. - Dallas, Texas

Based on my personal experience, I recommend Eric Reyes unequivocally. He proved an indefatigable advocate. His hard work resulted in a just and fair settlement. I cannot thank him enough."

Linda T. - Ft. Worth, Texas

“Although no one wishes to be in the middle of a lawsuit, I can say with utmost confidence that my attorney, Eric Reyes, made the experience smooth and hassle-free. If you want a television version of a lawyer, you can look to the tv ads but don’t go to this firm. Mr. Reyes delivered top-notch legal advice and services with honesty, integrity and compassion. Not once did I feel like a customer, I always felt like a respected client. Thank you Mr. Reyes.”

Resa H. - Ft. Worth, Texas

“I used to think that there were so many frivolous cases in our courts but learned with my case that the insurance companies just use this propaganda to change our laws and take away our rights. I sleep better at night knowing that if something tragic happens to my family because of someone else's negligence that Mr. Reyes will be there to help us.”

Gregory H. - Watagua, Texas

“Mr. Reyes made a painful and difficult experience tolerable. At every meeting, Mr. Reyes was totally prepared, and he had previously reviewed our file and memorized all the details! We never felt as though we were wasting our time repeating all the facts. We always knew we were in the most capable hands and he cares about his cases and clients fervently. Mr. Reyes recommends what is best for his clients, and with his experience and ability, you should listen!”

Pamela W. - Ft. Worth, Texas

“When you are seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence; it's not always about the money. It is about the fact that your life will NEVER be quite the same. You need honest answers, solid advice and someone who actually cares about what has happened in your life. Mr Reyes focused his expertise on my work-related injury case and made sure my employer accepted that responsibility. In addition, he negotiated a generous settlement without incurring the expense and risk of taking the case to court. Thanks Mr. Reyes. "

Gloria H. - Grand Praire, Texas

"Attorney Eric Reyes took my case after several other attorneys declined it; he settled it for no less than the insurance policy limits. Mr. Reyes personally kept me advised throughout the process, ensuring that I knew what was happening and why. In my opinion, Mr. Reyes went above and beyond by negotiating with medical service providers, successfully reducing my obligations to them. I highly recommend Mr. Reyes as an outstanding attorney. He did a great job!"

Adrian R. - Arlington, Texas

"Mr. Reyes is a man of integrity, who will work for you and your best interests. He is honest and down to earth and will keep you informed every step of the way, while providing wise counsel and suggestions to insure that you receive the best possible settlement. We can, without reservation, give him our highest recommendation."

Elvira G. - Arlington, Texas

"...I would definitely recommend your services to any of my friends or associates, or to someone whom I didn't know personally. In the future, I am sure you will encounter a potential client, whom like myself, was skeptical about pursuing a case. Please allow me the pleasure of letting them know that with Mr. Reyes you are in good hands...'"

Raymond M. - Dallas, Texas
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