Please watch our office videos below. Mr. Reyes answers some of the most common questions asked by injured victims in short but informative video clips.

CNN 360 Exposé

Anderson Anderson Cooper 360° is an award winning television news show on CNN. The video below is an expose on auto insurance in the United States. CNN learned that some insurance companies handled claims by delaying payment , denying injury and defending their decision in drawn-out court battles. It's the three Ds: Delay, Deny and Defend.

That, in a nutshell, is the strategy adopted by most insurance companies in Texas. Please watch the videos.

CNN 360 Anderson Cooper - Auto Insurance Part 1
CNN 360 Anderson Cooper - Auto Insurance Part 2
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Hired Mr Reyes for my car accident.
Did a great job helping me get a good settlement from the insurance company.
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I live in Dallas Texas and I did not know who to hire regarding my car accident. I found Mr. Eric Reyes through his website. Mr. Eric Reyes did an excellent job regarding my car wreck. He spent the time to talk to me about my case and was there when I needed his help. Moreover, he always returned my phone calls and kept me informed about my case. I had bad luck when I was in this accident....that lucked changed for the better when I hired the Eric Reyes Law Firm!!
Mr. Reyes and his staff were wonderful. I never imagined the great settlement that I would get from this case. Mr Reyes' office was always honest and straightforward about my case. They helped me find a good doctor when I did not have any insurance and was always concerned about my health and well-being. Don't make a mistake by hiring another lawyer. Hire Mr. Reyes' office if you want good representation regarding your car accident claim. Carlos Mendez
Eric Reyes and his staff did an excellent job representing my interest against the insurance company. His office always returned my phone calls and at the end, got me a fair settlement for my damages. I recommend him without any reservations regarding your car wreck claim. D Pena